About FLEXI-CAPTURE Software:

Flexi-Capture Software gives users a full featured digital Closed Circuit TV/Monitoring System using a regular Windows XP PC and standard inexpensive USB cameras.

  • FAR outperforms VHS tape surveillance systems

  • Much easier and cheaper to set up and use than current traditional Digital Surveillance Systems.
With Flexi-Capture Software You Can Save Thousands
On Digital Surveillance!!!!

- QUICK -    - EASY -    - INEXPENSIVE -    - RELIABLE -

SO: $75 cameras, plus your modern Win XP PC are all you need for a complete high picture quality digital surveillance system!!!

I.E. For A 3 camera system with cams relatively close to the PC Possible Systems:

Example 1: $249 Flexi-Capture Software + 3 CCD Sensor Cams (ie. Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000) Cams 75 Each $225
= Total Cost $474

Example 2: With Less Expensive Cameras $249 Flexi-Capture Software + 3 CMOS Sensor Cams $29 each
= Total Cost $336

When Long Wires are Needed Use USB Active Extension Cables USB Extension Cables
If Cameras Need To Be Outdoors,
A Variety of Outdoor Housings Work Fine:

Easy to Install, Reliable

1) Why is this special?

Most current PC digital surveillance software requires users to install cards/Capture Device and/or use specific cameras----

-----Flexi-Capture is compatible with standard USB web cameras just plug 3-4 of them in and ďvoilaĒ you are ready to go in minutes.

Or use the camera currently connected to your PC.

Easy and Low Cost!

2) What Type of Cameras do I need?

Any PC web cam that is recognized in Win XP control panel Scanners and Cameras Group.

Basically These Types of Cameras Can Be Put into two groups CCD Sensor and CMOS sensor. CCD Sensor cameras give professional image quality they run $60-100 each. CMOS cameras do not provide as good a picture but are available for under $30 each. Logitech, VEO, and Creative Labs both sell numerous models.

Logitech Pro


Dome Camera

Outdoor Camera

For Example, the Logitech Quick Cam Pro 4000 Gives CCD sensor quality, zoom, panning, a great unit widely available for less than $80

USB Interface. USB-Powered!---- Plug Them In And GO ---available at Circuit City, Best Buy for the best prices try www.amazon.com.

Need Long Wires?-----USB Active Extension Cables
Work Well When Long Cables Are Needed, look for the best prices at www.amazon.com.
Need Weather Proof Housings?----- many are available and work fine to protect indoor cameras outside, try www.camerasuperstore.com for good prices on outdoor housings.

3) Why else is digital surveillance superior to VHS Closed Circuit TV systems???

Flexi-Capture allows users to quickly view stored footage, navigate digitally directly to the date/time desired.
Also systems can be viewed remotely with Win XP Pro remote desktop, or PC anywhere.

---Flexi-Capture digitally watermarks all images for authenticity. This process proves that images have not been tampered with and are original. The application and the included Flexi-Capture Player can authenticate watermarks on demand.

---Flexi-Capture includes the ability to create a runtime CD of a section of footage with a shareware run time player that allows footage to be played on any Windows PC. When an incident does occur itís very convenient to be able to quickly create run time CDís that show the selected footage.

4) Why Now???

Modern off the shelf PCs (less than $500) now have the capacity and power to run an application like this as well as store the images------2 years ago average PCs really did not have enough power.

USB- Modern Computers also have a robust enough USB-BUS to handle multiple video streams-----with the onset of USB 2.0 devices this capacity will continue to increase exponentially

Modern Cameras- 2 years ago cameras that delivered the quality of the Quick Cam Pro 4000 were over $200. Today these cameras are available for $75, in another year they will be less than $50.

Distributing Footage- being able to distribute Windows PC footage quickly by CD is far more desirable than copying VHS cassettes.

Broad Market- because of the benefits of PC connectivity the marketplace for this type of software goes far beyond security....weather monitoring, agricultural monitoring, time lapse monitoring...etc.

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PC Requirements
Any windows computer that is less than 1.5 years old should work very well. Windows 2000/Windows XP recommended.

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