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Custom Development Available

Whatever Your Companies Needs, AMS can inexpensively integrate
new features into Flexi-Capture Software to your exact specifications,
or integrate Flexi-Capture features/interface into your
existing business applications.


1) Various Sound Preview and Recording Functions ----- Many Cameras already have microphones built in.

2) Different Camera Log Playback Configurations: ---------- Current configuration is one main display window with minute by minute thumbnail displays for all cameras, redevelopment could easily include multiple main displays, or changing the interval on simultaneous thumbnail preview.

3) Pattern Recognition: For example License Plate recognition features, Including Integration with customer contact DB’s.

4) Zoom/Image Clean up Capabilities of Recorded Images---This would allow for image enhancement of pre-recorded images.

5) Co-Branding----A Security Application Has Great Co-Branding Potential----Long Shelf Life High Use----Once somebody starts using it for surveillance looking at it will be a daily occurrence. Potentially a powerful marketing tool

6) Audible Alarms on Events: The Ability to create Alarms when events occur---for example an alarm when motion occurs after a period of non-motion----ie to tell a clerk that a customer is in the store.

7) E-Mail/Other PC Processes on events: For example send an e-mail or perform web action if there is no motion or uninterrupted motion for a long period of time---ie telling managers immediately times when nobody has been moving around in the store.

8) Archive/Copy To Internet/WAN/LAN server: Custom archiving features.

9) Playback Filters: Allow custom playback configurations, this would allow user to isolate motion graphs for individual cameras.

10) Addition of integrated employee time clock features, monitor “clock-ins” and “clock-outs”, embed employee names on images when appropriate.

11) Integration With POS Data-----Embed selected POS data on captured images.

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