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The software does not come with cameras.

Single User License:
  • $249    

Unlimited Corporate Licenses:

(Allows cost conscious corporations to purchase unlimited use corporate licenses)
Please Call 910-512-7999 for Pricing. May include custom development.

Custom Development/Integration:

Please Call 910-512-7999 for estimates.

Sample System Prices

Runs on a normal Win XP PC.

3 cameras system with no extension cables

Example 1:
With High Quality CCD Sensor Cameras
$249 Flexi-Capture Software + 3 Cams (i.e. Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000)
3 CCD Sensor Cams ($75 Each) for $225
= Total Cost $474

Example 2:
With Less Expensive Cameras
$249 Flexi-Capture Software + 3 CMOS Sensor Cams ($29 each)
= Total Cost $336

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PC Requirements
Any windows computer that is less than 1.5 years old should work very well. Windows 2000/Windows XP recommended.

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